Why STEAM Learning is Important to Tech-Age Kids and Parents

By: Milica Markovic,
Blogger and Writer

New Year’s resolutions seem to be common among adults, and we believe that our young tech enthusiasts should create their own lists – with STEAM education at the top of those lists.

STEAM learning combines the sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics in academic and applied settings. The idea of this method is to introduce students to jobs related to these subjects, by having them work together on fun and challenging projects with their newfound knowledge in tow.

We know that kids are capable of preparing themselves for the future. After all, kids are the future – and the future is tech. However, we believe that parents are equally as capable of learning STEAM right along with them. Because STEAM is designed for accessible and interactive learning, parents can contribute to their children’s learning by participating in challengers and at-home activities with them. The important thing is to make STEAM an immersive and daily experience, even beyond the classroom.

Not only is it a great way for kids to learn new skills and get creative, but it also encourages them to pursue interesting and integrative subjects that can someday lead to extraordinary careers. Examples include coding, game design, filmmaking, and robotics.

Picture from METAXVI

Picture from METAXVI

Schools have been trying recently to integrate STEAM into the classrooms, however, it isn’t always possible due to rules and regulations. At Maker Tech School, we can help provide your child with STEAM-inspired skills through our various sessions. Check out our Programs page for more information on after-school workshops and classes.