Where Art-Meets-Technology at the TIFF digiPlaySpace!

By Amanda Huang
Founder and Co-Director of Maker Tech School

The TIFF digiPlaySpace is an annual art exhibition geared towards kids (but adults are welcome too!), held at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. What makes this art exhibition one-of-a-kind is the technical component. Not only do these art pieces entertain visitors through viewing or interaction, but there is a touch of computer coding and digital art that sparks something new for kids to discover. 

The TIFF digiPlaySpace is going on now, and ends on April 23rd 2017. It is a great family friendly exhibition to visit, and March break activity! 
From apps to robots, digital screens and more, the TIFF digiPlaySpace is compiled of artsy oddities that come alive through the power of technology. 

Do you know a child who wants tap into their creative side by blending their art skills with technology? Or know a child that wants to learn some creative coding?
We are having our March workshops that blend art with technology, just like the TIFF digiPlaySpace! Although our workshops will not exhibit your child's work at the TIFF digiPlaySpace, we can let you know that the experience will be much like what a TIFF digiPlaySpace artist has when they code and digital design!

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