Where Crafting Meets Technology

By Amanda Huang
Founder and Co-Director

Photos by Nadia Bermy

Bring in a group of crafty women and girls, with curious minds to design digitally and code --- and what do you get? A “Hack for Craft” Hackathon!


Held at Shecosystem in downtown, Toronto, this 3 hour event was packed with endless ideas, creative spirit, and delicious snacks too!

The mission? To create a technological way to support international and local artisans. There are already some awesome apps and websites out there, such as Etsy, Brit+Co and Redbubble. Now it was their turn to create something impacting and amazing that can create a community for artisans through technology!

The girls and their mentors were divided into teams, and began brainstorming their ideas. They created logos and their presentations on an online design software. Later, they coded their designs on Processing using Java, on which they were able to have their presentations controlled by their keyboard -- almost like a slideshow!

Not only was this a fun-filled creative event, but it was a learning experience for everyone. Majority of the girls and their mentors have never used digital platforms, and have never tried computer programming. At the end of the event, everyone became a little more entrepreneurial and learned something new!

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